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Our Services

Welcome to Direct Design & Fabrication, the premier provider of comprehensive Automation, Mechanical Design, and Fabrication Services. Offering a unique blend of design, programming, electrical, and IT services, we simplify the complexities of automation and design. Our team of experienced professionals delivers tailored services, positioning us as your full-service integrator.

We offer everything from innovative mechanical designs and advanced automation systems to robust fabrication services, including expert programming and reliable IT solutions to optimize your operations. Committed to excellence and boasting a wide range of expertise, we stand as the integrator of choice for businesses seeking all-encompassing solutions. Whether you aim to boost productivity, increase efficiency, or bring your vision to life, explore our diverse services and discover how Direct Design & fabrication can transform your next project.

Ready to make your next project a reality?

Mechanical Design Services

We have over 20 years of experience in controls, electrical design, and troubleshooting. This experience has provided us with a wide skillset in PLC programming, motor control, SCADA, and more.

PLC & HMI Programming

Whether you are looking to modify or add to your existing program or need a completely new from the ground-up custom program, our engineers are ready to assist.

Robotic and Machine Tending Solutions

Our Robotic and Machine Tending Solutions are designed to optimize efficiency, increase productivity, and improve safety, our service will take your capabilities to new heights.

R&D Automation Solutions

We are here to help you bring your vision to life. Our team of engineers will listen to your problem and work with you to design, build, and maintain a machine that will help you automate your business

Control System Design and Upgrades

Whether you need a DCS or PLC migration, Direct Design & Fabrication has the experience to deliver a control system that will make a difference in your operations.

New Equipment Integration

Our team of experts will work closely with you to help integrate and optimize new equipment into your existing plant infrastructure for a seamless transition to avoid any costly downtime.

Electrical Design Schematic Creation

Our team of engineers will streamline your new project by taking on the burden of designing your next electrical schematic. We can help you speed up your project to deliver results fast, and easier

Discover the Direct Difference Today

Fabrication Services

At Direct Design & Fabrication, our fabrication projects are always built with the highest quality in mind. as a full-service UL508A Listed Industrial Shop. We can provide almost anything you can come up with. We specialize in solving your problems.

Electrical Cabinet and Panel Builds

Build your control panels with our UL508A Listed designs. We offer Vision, Pneumatic, Instrumentation, Generator, Custom VFD, Custom Soft Start, FVNR/FVR, Relay Logic, PLC, Safety, and Remote I/O

Water Jet Services

Unleash the power of water! Our precision waterjet cuts any material, from delicate sheet metal to thick steel. Clean, fast, and precise.

Welding Solutions

Expert welds, any metal, any project. Let our fabrication expertise breathe life into your vision. Precision, craftsmanship, built to last.

Pre-Built Skids For Electrical and More

Streamline your projects with our prefabricated assemblies. Our skids allow you to simplify and streamline your projects. 

Whatever Else You

Can Think Of

We specialize in solving problems, so we can provide almost anything you can come up with. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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